Top 10 Reasons to Do Cryotherapy


Although whole body cryotherapy is relatively new to America, Europeans have been enjoying its benefits for decades. The body reacts to the cold temperatures and starts to believe it is being threatened by the cold. This fight-or-flight response is the cornerstone of why regular whole body cryotherapy sessions are good for your overall health and wellbeing. Our clients tell us they experience the following effects:

1. Fights Inflammation
2. Relieves Pain
3. Speeds up Muscle Recovery
4. Releases endorphins for increase stamina and energy
5. Boosts Immune System
6. Restful night’s sleep
7. Elevates Mood
8. Burns Calories
9. Firmer & Smoother Skin appearance
10. Overall prevention and wellness through improved blood circulation

Not only does cryotherapy help improve your health by repairing certain bodily functions, it’s been well known to boost your athletic performance. It’s no wonder top-level athletes like Lebron James and Floyd Mayweather swear by regular whole body cryotherapy sessions. Their longevity in their high-impact sports speaks volumes.

The Telegraph of London reports: “As well as easing the effects of arthritis, rheumatism and multiple sclerosis, it has been shown to boost sporting performance; the Olympic rehabilitation center in Spala, Poland, has a cryotherapy chamber used by sports teams from around the world. Many athletes record a remarkable 10 percent improvement in performance after a dip in the deep freeze.”

The key takeaway is even if you aren’t an elite athlete, cryotherapy will boost your physical potential and improve your health through cellular regeneration and healing. That 10 percent improvement may translate to into being even sharper for that meeting or presentation, or just having more energy for being around your children, grandchildren, and hopefully great grandchildren.

Kathy Butters