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After going for treatments at over 7 different cryotherapy studios in NYC, I have finally arrived in cryo heaven! Kathy, the owner, is truly an expert in the field and is both kind and attentive. No doubt, she will help you get through any degree of cold.

The chamber itself is absolutely state of the art, so if you’re looking for the latest and greatest in cryo technology...look no further! Because of my job in the fitness sector I am required to exercise quite a bit, and my muscles are constantly sore. It’s comforting to know that there is a place I can go to where I am GUARANTEED to feel better after such a short session. It’s only 3 minutes after all! :-D

So far I have completed 3 sessions here and I am just getting started. Thank You CryoVigor!!! <3
— Pierce Levine

This treatment is absolutely amazing. I was so hesitant to try Cryotherapy because of my extreme dislike of the cold - so the thought of stepping into a -135 to -250 degree chamber terrified me.

Well I have to thank Kathy and her staff for making the experience so calming and enjoyable for me. They answered every question that I had about the treatment and even taught me about a Cryofacial (which is now going to be apart of my monthly skincare routine). As for the ‘ice chamber’, I couldn’t believed how relaxed and rejuvenated my body felt after my session! I’m looking forward to a restful night of sleep with no body aches from now.

Thanks again Kathy!
— Cynira Clay

I have been doing Cryotherapy for about a year now and so happy CryoVigor opened its midtown NYC location. I have arthritis in both knees, back pain and sciatica. Each session helps me walk freely and gives me more pain free mobility. Sometimes just a local Cryo treatment does the trick, but I love the benefits of whole body Cryo and will often combine the treatments. CryoVigor is a beautiful, clean facility, nice staff, wonderful “white glove” service (literally). I highly recommend CryoVigor for your cryotherapy health and recovery needs.
— Frederic Marsat

I was very impressed by my experience and results. I was skeptical about Cryotherapy, but I’m just old fashioned of apply a hot pad and walk it out. Then my doctors told me about some bursitis in my leg and that the compression in my lumbar area was hereditary [who knew] and I’d have to do yoga to keep it limber. Doc also told me to ice muscle issues, that heat was bad. I don’t think it gets colder than nitrogen! I heard about this place and figured I’d give it a shot.

Well, before I give my results, I just want to say that I was very welcomed when I came in. Any concerns and all questions I had were patiently explained to me; from the process, to what to expect, what I’d feel, tips to keep my blood going, etc. The staff was well informed and conveyed it back to me.

My Results - Well, Doctors told me that Bursitis needs to be treated constantly, it’s not remedied over night. What would be 20-30 minutes of icing my hip and back was done in 3 minutes. After I “defrosted,” I immediately noticed a bit less compression in my lower back. Later on in the evening when I went to work out, I noticed bit more range of motion in my back and hips. The next day I felt no pressure anymore in my lower back, which is odd because I was so used to feeling it every day, I forgot what it was like to NOT have it. This lasted me about another 48 hours. But 72 hours of relief, for 3 minutes of my time... Totally going to do it again.

I’m no longer skeptical. This helped me a lot. I’ll gladly visit this location again.
— John Scarlet

I have always wanted to try cryotherapy. I found CryoVigor in New York City and I think they are wonderful! I had an amazing experience there. I booked an appointment online which was super easy. When I arrived I was nervous because it was my first time but the staff was welcoming and very professional! The office is brand-new and extremely clean. The owner Kathy explained the whole procedure to me and answered all my questions fully. She was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I was more then comfortable. After the full body treatment I felt completely rejuvenated and relaxed. The skin on my thighs even appeared tighter. I also had a facial in which I could feel the blood circulating around my forehead and cheeks and skin tightening. I will definitely do this again. My experience was awesome from start to finish and I would definitely recommend CryoVigor for all cryo- therapy treatments!! I would give this beyond 5 stars! Thank you for an awesome experience!
— Karen Munge